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The City of Boise has a chapter of City Code dedicated to safe cycling and equipment required to operate bicycles safely within City limits. Safe cycling requirements are things like:

  • riding with the flow of vehicle traffic as opposed to against it
  • not holding onto moving vehicles while riding a bicycle
  • using designated bike lanes where available
  • signaling turns while riding a bicycle to alert drivers

Similarly, the ordinance requires safety equipment on bicycles such as brakes, a seat, a bell or audible warning device to warn pedestrians, and reflectors and lights for riding at night.

Riders found in violation of any of these items may be issued a citation by Boise Police.

Riders that receive a citation may pay the fee or chose to participate in the City of Boise Bicycle Diversion Program. The diversion program allows riders to waive their fine by participating in a bicycle education class offered by Boise State University. The class focuses on the basic workings of a bicycle and bicycle rules of the road. Participants are required to attend a 30-45 minute classroom session followed by a 30-45 minute outdoor riding session, weather permitting*.

*If there is no outdoor session, the indoor class session time will be adjusted to cover additional material.

If you have received a citation within the last 10 days and would like to opt into the diversion program, click here.