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You are eligible to participate in the City of Boise Bicycle Diversion Program. The diversion program allows you to waive your fine by participating in a bicycle education class offered by Boise State University. The class focuses on the basic workings of a bicycle and bicycle rules of the road. Participants are required to attend a 30-45 minute classroom session followed by a 30-45 minute outdoor riding session, weather permitting*.

*If there is no outdoor session, the indoor class session time will be adjusted to cover additional material.

How does diversion work?

  1. Participant is required to sign up for a scheduled bicycle safety class within 10 business days of a citation and complete the class within 60 days of the citation. A list of scheduled classes are located at this link. Participant must register here for a scheduled class. (Make sure your registration form requests the citation date and logs the input time)
  2. It is up to the participant to remember to attend class on the scheduled day; there will not be automatic reminders.
  3. A check-in document will be provided at the end of each scheduled class. Participant must stay for the entire length of the class to receive attendance credit.
  4. Once participant has successfully completed the class, the City of Boise will waive the citation fee.
  5. The ticket diversion reduction is only available once per year for each participant.

If you do not wish to participate in diversion and would just like to pay your citation fee - click here.